LL's Magnetic Clay Detox Bath


Vendor LL Magnetic Clay, Inc.

Enhance Your Health with the Mercury Detox Clay Bath

There are a number of factors that can contribute to mercury toxicity, including dental fillings, fish, cosmetics, laxatives, batteries, hair dyes, and even floor waxes and polishes. Thy type of toxicity can lead to a number of health issues, including behavioral troubles, migraines, high blood pressure, tremors, loss of appetite, concentration troubles, and more.

Helping your body get rid of elemental, organic, and inorganic mercury has never been so easy and relaxing. Just use LL Magnetic Clay's simple clay bath kit to detox and keep yourself at optimal health.

LL's Magnetic Clay bath kits are packaged in bulk and will administer 10 one cup baths per kit. Included in each kit are 5lbs of bulk formula, 8 pages of graphic step-by-step instructions, 15 pH testing strips, fiberglass drain screen, flat drain stopper, and herbal formula pack