Her Wash Cloths


Vendor Sinko Corporation/Toockies

100% organic cotton

Her washcloths are hand knit in a lovely circular pattern and are the perfect gift for Her. They are the ultimate in luxury scrubbing when taking a bath, shower or dry scrubbing because of the texture and feel of the cotton weave.

• Size 9 inches round

• Denser weaving

• Perfect for those who want a good scrubbing without damaging their skin

• Use with wet or dry scrub

• Stimulate circulation

• Exfoliate

• Machine wash/dry

• Compostable and recycles as potting mesh


The Toockies® project opens an unimaginable door of opportunity for our knitters. In Nababpur, over 230 women desperate for a dignified way to earn a living, are mobilized and trained to create Toockies® products. A community center provides these women with a central location for training, knitting, picking-up yarn, and dropping off finished product, though most knitters work from home, as is culturally required, allowing them to work flexible hours.

The Toockies® project makes a difference by empowering these women to take charge of their own destiny.