Digestive Support Kit


Vendor Herbalist & Alchemist

The Digestive Support Kit is helpful to have at home or when traveling. Many modalities teach that health starts with supporting digestion, of particular importance for lifestyles that include a heavily processed Western diet and lack of exercise. David Winston’s guidance in the package explains when to select each product.

Kit includes:  Bitters Compound™ (1oz), Carminative Compound™ (1oz), Intestinal Calmpound™ and Ginger (1oz).

Contraindicatons: Bitters Compound™ - Do not us if you have hyperchlorhydria-Use cautionsly if you have gastric ulcers, gastritis or GERD. Carminative Compound™ - Use in small amounts during pregnancy. Intestinal Calmpound™ - If you have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or are pregnant, consult a qualified expert before using this product. Ginger - Supports Healthy Digestion and Eases Discomfort Associated with Travel*