Breath Drops


Vendor Lively Up Your Breath

We use only the best ingredients we can to formulate our tasty varieties of concentrated 100% natural breath fresheners made with 95% organic ingredients.

The specific blend of our organic essential oils and chlorophyll work from the very first taste on your tongue and continues its cleansing and refreshing action as it dissolves in your mouth to help banish bad breath.

Chlorophyll is widely believed to be a wonderful deodorizer and internal cleanser.

All of our wonderful products are sweetened with raw organic agave nectar from Natures’ Agave.

This was our choice for bringing a pleasing rich and yet balanced sweetness to the product.

Our products contain no binders, so the best way to experience our unique and flavorful blends is as follows:

  1. Shake the bottle well
  2. Place a few drops onto the back of your hand
  3. Place the back of your hand to your mouth
  4. Now the best part, lick it up and enjoy!

NOTE: Chlorophyll contains strong naturally occuring pigments and may stain. So don’t be messy!