Summer Time Woes - Poison Ivy

During the summer at Herbiary we get this question weekly: "What do you have for this itchy, oozy rash?"

Oh! Most of us know it, that oozing, itching, rash. Scratching is bad, but it's so hard not to! Poison Ivy knows how to leave a mark.

It's not a bad plant though (I couldn't bare to call a single plant bad.) Poison Ivy is a ally of the forest, a protector for areas that need a little space. 

Typically it takes a few days for the poisonous oils to reveal it's work. Sometimes it looks like little bumps, other times like blisters. Typically the area of contact is very itchy and a bit (or a lot!) oozy. 

So what can you do if you come into contact with Poison Ivy? The best thing to do is wash with cold water and strong soap right away. Become familiar with Jewel Weed; it typically grows near by and can help remove some of the poisonous oils.

Here's an article from The Global Healing Center with 10 more natural options for itchy rash ease:

Also, if you're into making your own products, here's a fun recipe from Mommypotamus using Plantain, Jewel Weed and Aloe:

One more VERY important piece of advice...learn to identify Posion Ivy! There are many resources out there, here's a quick article to get you started:


Have fun this summer and try to avoid Poison Ivy!

by Shop Staff
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