Gluten-Free Treats in Asheville

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This is Ash from the Herbiary in downtown Asheville. Welcome to our first "Green Greens Guide!" This guide will highlight Herbiary employee's favorite places around Asheville and Philadelphia. 

I'll be kicking us off today with one of my favorite coffee and snack spots, Old Europe.

This is my go-to when I need a quick pick-me-up.

Above: chai latte & triple chocolate almond cookie


I love Old Europe’s almond milk chai lattes with a triple chocolate gluten free almond cookie. The chai blend they use is Asheville's very own Appalachai -

This cafe not only has home made french pastries, but a ton of gluten-free items and dairy-free. Did I mention the cheesecakes are to die for?

Above: Pastry Case

Old Europe is located at 13 Broadway St., downtown Asheville. Only 2 blocks from the Herbiary.

Find out more at their site ----

Here's a quick list of other places serving tons of gluten-free options in Asheville:

Green Sage Cafe, Posana, Farm Burger, Thai Orchid, Chai Pani, Tupelo Honey, Wasabi, King Daddy's, The Laughing Seed, Plant, Rosetta's, Penny Cup Coffee.

Have a yummy week!



by Andrew Celwyn
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