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Vinegars are a wonderful way to cleanse and renew the body all year round.

What's so special about vinegar?

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which gives it a couple of super powers:


    • Acetic acid is excreted through the lungs, kidneys, and skin. Many natural remedies that help the body detoxify work only through the liver. Vinegar is a little more well rounded and helps the body move out metabolic wastes through multiple channels of elimination.

    • Acetic acid helps to break down other vitamins and minerals (including calcium) to make them more bioavailable to the body. Combine your vinegar with your greens and up the nutrients that you absorb from your meal (thus oil and vinegar on a salad).

    • What this also means is that the acetic acid in vinegar is a superb extractor of minerals in solution (i.e., in your mason jar where the herbs and vinegar are combined). When you make an herbal vinegar and leave your herbs to sit for a month (a moon cycle), the minerals from the plant transfer to the vinegar. Which means that your vinegar has now become a powerful multivitamin.


    If you choose to use raw apple cider vinegar then you are also getting the virtues of a natural probiotic. 

    Convinced? Hop to the video and I'll show you how easy it is to make your own Spring Vinegar!

    All you need, in addition to some raw apple cider vinegar, is a clean mason jar and some spring herbs. Go outside and collect some dandelion greens, chickweed, nettles, and/or plantain. If all you know how to identify is dandelions, simply use dandelions! They are wonderfully nutritious and lovely in vinegar.


    Here's the How-To:

    • Put finely-cut or ground herbs in a tightly sealing glass jar
    • Pour the alcohol or vinegar over the herbs stirring to release any air bubbles
    • Seal jar tightly
    • Store in a room temperature to slightly warm place, shaking the jar daily
    • After a minimum of 28 days strain the liquid out using a muslin cloth or herb press
    • Store in dark glass, well-sealed bottles. Shelf life: 5+ years
    • Your herbal vinegar can be used as salad dressing, in cooking, or taken in water with a little honey (this is called a “honigar”).
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