Herban | Gather Your Greens: Spring Foraging

Aye, it’s already springtime here in Ireland, where one might argue that we never have to go and gather our greens, so ubiquitous are they...

Preparing for Winter: Elderberry Syrup

Many parts of the Elder tree provide wonder and comfort, making Elderberry a perfect addition to your winter repertoire.
by Christine Connors

Set An Herbal Table This Holiday Season

'Tis a simple and lovely thing to magnify the joys of your holiday table with herbs, especially at this time of seasonal scents and gift-giving.

Herban | Soup of the Day

Today was warm and crisp outside, a glorious autumn day in Maine. But it was cold yesterday, as was the day before.
by Julie Trudel

Herban | Summer Cordials

For those of you who missed it last time around, here's a refrain.

Herban | Summer Balm: Plantain

Enter now the days of stings and bites and scratches, hopefully all garnered in the joyful pursuit of summer pleasures…
by Jessica Lambert

Herban | Elderflower Cordial

Elder is a true fairy plant when in bloom, snowy and strangely fragrant. Here in Europe, the tree remains strongly associated with protection and the crossing of thresholds.
by Jessica Lambert

Wisdom | Hunting for Herbal Treasures

If you’ve a bit of the detective in your nature, or you are simply curious about herbal lore, here’s a solid lead for you: some libraries are now making their rare books available.

Herban | Facing the End of Winter

To be fair, it is probably more spring-like here in Ireland; every time I’ve heard lately from the Philadelphia folks, it has been in the form of a groaning “…and there’s more snow!”

Herban | Hypocras

While lost in leisure somewhere in the Loire Valley, my Frenchman and I attempted to make this storied spiced wine for the turning of the year, armed with nothing but an old rudimentary recipe.
by Jessica Lambert