Herban | Facing the End of Winter

To be fair, it is probably more spring-like here in Ireland; every time I’ve heard lately from the Philadelphia folks, it has been in the form of a groaning “…and there’s more snow!”

Herban | Hypocras

While lost in leisure somewhere in the Loire Valley, my Frenchman and I attempted to make this storied spiced wine for the turning of the year, armed with nothing but an old rudimentary recipe.
by Jessica Lambert

Herban | Herbal Gifts for the Holidays

On a quest for beautiful winter gift ideas that are good for body and earth, inexpensive, and easy to personalize for the folks in your life? Here are three herbal do-it-yourself gifts for the season.
by Jessica Lambert

Herban | Hot Mulled Cider

Intrigued by our mention of Fire Cider earlier in this month’s ezine? If you prefer something less fiery and rather sweet, why not make your own hot mulled cider, or “wassail”?

by Jessica Lambert

Laundry Cleaner and Scouring Powder Recipe

Add 10 drops each lemon and lavender essential oil to one-cup baking soda.

General Cleaner and Air Freshener Recipe

This recipe makes a concentrate that you can then mix with other things to make a variety of household cleaning products!

Sunburn Soothers

I love Lavender Hydrosol for sunburns. That's it, just lavender hydrosol.

Salt Scrub Recipe


1 cup salt (sea salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom salt)

1/3 cup oil (olive oil, jojoba or almond)

1/8 cup honey

10 drops essential oil


Mix honey, oil and essential oil together. Pour the mixture over the sea salt.

Exfoliating & Softening Body Scrub Recipe


1 tablespoon Colloidal Oatmeal

1 tablespoon Brown Sugar

2 tablespoons ground apricot kernel

2 oz oil (ex jojoba, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, olive oil)

1 tablespoon honey

2 teaspoons aloe or hydrosol *

10 drops essential oil


Mix everything together in a bowl and enjoy!

*If you are not making this for immediate use, do not add the aloe or hydrosol! It will not keep as well with these water based ingredients included. You can add them right before each use.

Easy Massage Oil Recipe

This is an easy one! Simply combine 4 ounces of an oil of your choice with 50-60 drops essential oil. Shake well and enjoy! The fun is in choosing your carrier oil and your essential oils. Here are some suggestions:

For sore muscles try an arnica or comfrey infused oil with spike lavender, roman chamomile, and rosemary. For a sensual massage use an almond, apricot, or jojoba oil with rosewood and jasmine. For scar tissue try rose hip seed, tamanu, or infused calendula oil with helichrysum, lavender, and carrot seed oil.