Set An Herbal Table This Holiday Season

'Tis a simple and lovely thing to magnify the joys of your holiday table with herbs, especially at this time of seasonal scents and gift-giving.

Herban | Soup of the Day

Today was warm and crisp outside, a glorious autumn day in Maine. But it was cold yesterday, as was the day before.
by Julie Trudel

Herban | Summer Cordials

For those of you who missed it last time around, here's a refrain.

Herban | Summer Balm: Plantain

Enter now the days of stings and bites and scratches, hopefully all garnered in the joyful pursuit of summer pleasures…
by Jessica Lambert

Herban | Elderflower Cordial

Elder is a true fairy plant when in bloom, snowy and strangely fragrant. Here in Europe, the tree remains strongly associated with protection and the crossing of thresholds.
by Jessica Lambert

Wisdom | Hunting for Herbal Treasures

If you’ve a bit of the detective in your nature, or you are simply curious about herbal lore, here’s a solid lead for you: some libraries are now making their rare books available.

Herban | Facing the End of Winter

To be fair, it is probably more spring-like here in Ireland; every time I’ve heard lately from the Philadelphia folks, it has been in the form of a groaning “…and there’s more snow!”

Herban | Hypocras

While lost in leisure somewhere in the Loire Valley, my Frenchman and I attempted to make this storied spiced wine for the turning of the year, armed with nothing but an old rudimentary recipe.
by Jessica Lambert

Herban | Herbal Gifts for the Holidays

On a quest for beautiful winter gift ideas that are good for body and earth, inexpensive, and easy to personalize for the folks in your life? Here are three herbal do-it-yourself gifts for the season.
by Jessica Lambert

Herban | Hot Mulled Cider

Intrigued by our mention of Fire Cider earlier in this month’s ezine? If you prefer something less fiery and rather sweet, why not make your own hot mulled cider, or “wassail”?

by Jessica Lambert